Sunday, 5 December 2010

Oblong Community Resource

Oblong also host English classes for speakers of foreign languages. I-D-E-A-L. I had a bit of experience doing this in Peru, but it was for young children which is completely different from what I'd imagine formal teaching to be like. We had minimal input from our supervisor and since we were all completely inexperienced our workshops, whilst being helpful for the few people that turned up, were done through guess-work. The opportunity to gain experience in this sort of learning environment in invaluable, I think.

Ideally in 10 years time I want to be teaching English in a developing country. To do this I will most likely have to complete a TEFL course - acceptance on which is based on experience and commitment. Working with Oblong will undoubtedly help me to develop the skills I need to take this further.

Classes only run once a week, and last an hour and a half so it's a small commitment, but hopefully if I'm able to get involved this can lead to other voluntary opportunities and help to build up an impressive portfolio for a career in international development. I've emailed them to register my interest, fingers crossed!

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