Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Appalling Time Management

One week into the brief.

I'm already caving under the pressure. This doesn't bode well for the next 3 months.

Business and fucking enterprise is clawing at every working minute I have. Then as soon as I get shot of that ball ache I'll have crit studies to crack on with. And then there's PPD hovering in the back ground just waiting for it's chance to scream "Hey guys remember me?? HA THOUGHT NOT NOW FEEL MY WRATH." I know PPD isn't a massive amount of work and it's not as taxing (Ha. Taxing. Business. Get it? Kill me) as the others but it's still contributing to a continuous stream of work that just won't allow me to get on with my live brief.

This is the part where I admit that I have fully screwed myself over.

I could have done my business, and even some of my essay, before now. Leaving me free to amble between the finishing touches of my business plan, perhaps the conclusion of my essay and a nice healthy dose of LIVE LIVE LIVE brief. However I actively chose not to do this. I made a conscious decision to just leave it for the time being. Yeah nice one Chris, I bet you did something really worthwhile with your accumulated time as well, no? No that's right I probably drank it away. Even now, writing this blog post - this is procrastination because I should be doing my enterprise work!

Horrible realisation that the D&AD deadline is 19th March. It is now 3rd March. That means to enter I have to finalise my ideas and then actually carry them out. I'd planned on going crazy with lasers again which you have to book a week in advance. I. Don't. Have. The. Time.

One more time, screwed myself over. Don't be shy guys say it with me now - when I say screwed, you say over: screwed, over, screwed, over.....

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