Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Black Dog Collective Brief

Now that my hippo brief is underway I need to start looking for other work to fill in the time before the module deadline and also pad out my portfolio. Today I was told about a call for submissions by Black Dogs collective (which Mick from Vernon St print room is part of). Entrants are required to produce an A4 'How To' cards that depicts an activity/event to be re-enacted in the Tate as part of 'No Soul For Sale' - an exhibition celebrating not-for-profit and independent art.

Full details can be found here.

A relatively simple brief but typically the deadline for submissions is Friday April 30th, a whole two days from now. Brilliant. I need to spend best part of my days in the 3D work shop now and I'm working tonight and tomorrow evening so if I'm honest it's looking pretty bleak as to me actually being able to produce anything on time. I'm pretty gutted, the brief sounded perfect and ties in nicely with my work for D&AD.

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