Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hippo Brief - Feedback

I sent Jane some photos of the hippo model and he response couldn't have been more perfect!

Re: FW: Hippo Brief Update‏
From:jane earnshaw (
Sent:14 April 2010 13:31:40
To:chris gauntley (
i love it/him/her!

It is exactly what i hoped it would be!
Is his snout on the floor? im just thinking about the mould, i guess
he will be cast upside down? and then turned out? The more molds i can
have the more hippos i'll be able to make, its going to be a hippo
making sweatshop in this office, i cant wait.

I am very excited, the kids are going to love it
Well done you!


On 14/04/2010, chris gauntley wrote:
> Rear view of hippo!
> From:
> To:
> Subject: Hippo Brief Update
> Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 12:45:01 +0000
> Hi Jane,
> I've been working on the design for the hippos and I've started making a
> model out of clay.
> I've kept the shape simple with no features that can be easily snapped off
> or broken, if you prefer I can try and make it so that there is no gap
> between the head and the body but as it stands the model seems sturdy enough
> - it's up to you!
> I've attached photos with the model alongside a 30cm ruler to give you an
> idea of scale and some additional photos that show the shape better.
> Obviously it's a bit rough around the edges at the minute and when I cast
> the moulds I'll be smoothing off all of the surfaces and getting the curves
> as even as possible. I just need to get your opinion on it before I start
> making some more.
> I'll have to send the last photo in a separate email as the files are too
> large apparently.Let me know what you think!
> Chris

Project hippo is GO!

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