Thursday, 25 February 2010

Live Brief

Hello final brief of the year. Hello having to make an informed decision as to some sort of indicative direction of my practice. Hello crushing sense of despair.

I am ultimately in a sink or swim situation and right now I've got a cold so my breathing isn't too good to begin with.

This is what I have mustered so far...

Competition Brief
  • Ongoing D&AD submission needs to be completed and sent by 19th March - definitely counts as a live brief, so far so good.
Leeds Book Fair
  • I plan on submitting something to the book fair, at the minute I'm considering developing my embossed postcard into a set to be sold, very time consuming but I DON'T WANT TO FAIL and it definitely counts as live, win.
Community/Museum Arts Project
  • Taken from the notice board, working on an intergenerational project with two artists for 2 hours each Monday afternoon to produce a piece to go in Leeds City Museum - it's not something that I'm absolutely desperate to do but I'm going with the 'I don't have a reason not to' ethic for this brief.
Fashion Illustration Brief
  • I realise that it's going to be difficult to find an existing live brief that is specifically tailored to the way I want to develop my fashion illustration so I've decided to manufacture the situation myself. Find a fashion student, set up a photo shoot to photograph their body of work and then use the resulting images to illustrate their portfolio/line.

At the minute I'm happy with the scope of work I have to do, I may be ambitious taking on 4 briefs but each one provides me with a different sense of the word 'live' and I really feel like I need that variety - if I committed to just one I'd panic and ruin myself, it's inevitable.

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