Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Platform2 Programme

In an incredibly depressing reality check after the epic fail of a London trip, it has occurred to me that Camp America is a long shot. And when I really think about it my dislike for Americans and children would not have made for a winning summer combination. I haven't yet withdrawn my application but all hope has definitely been lost and I'm exploring my other options.

Platform2 for instance! Posted on the Viscom Notice board by Christian, looks perfect. The programme offers 10 week placements in developing countries helping to build schools/teach English/dig a well etc. I've applied for it, just need to get some references together and if all goes well I could end up in Asia, Africa, India or Peru! FUCK YOU AMERICA.

It's a government funded scheme which means I wouldn't have to pay for flights/accommodation etc however the program is for 'those who would not otherwise have the chance to have such an experience' so I am fully reliant on whether or not they see me fit.

*pull your best underprivileged face*

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