Friday, 26 February 2010

Summer Placements

I'm starting to scare myself shitless that I won't manage to find a way to flee the country this summer. My friend from work applied to Platform2 last year, aced his interview then got instantly rejected because both of his parents are doctors. My mam is a tutor at Middlesborough College and my dad is some sort of health and safety person.. Granted they are separated, but I have this irrational fear of rejection and they might see them as good jobs and assume I 'am not worthy' of this program. PLEASE DON'T SHUN ME.

I've been looking at other programs that I could apply to and, fuck me, I'm not poor enough to get onto Platform2 but there is NO fucking way I could afford to do anything like this otherwise!

BUNAC is a program that offers the opportunity to volunteer abroad, work in summer camps and find work overseas. I had a peruse. HMMMM to do something like Platform2 without subsidising would cost £899 at the very least, and even then I'd have to have basic Spanish skills to qualify!

This is ridiculous. Capitalist culture has cashed in on this volunteering bandwagon to the extend that it is now pretty much unachievable to anyone that doesn't want to wear it as moral accessory. I'm not homeless. I'm not living of mummy and daddy. I'm screwed.

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amanda said...

Hi Chris,

You're welcome to apply for Platform2 - having working parents doesn't necessarily mean you won't get on; it's basically open for people 'who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to travel abroad' - ie. those don't have the funds.

As long as you have a UK passport, we'd be happy to have your application - go to for all the info. Good luck!

Best wishes,

Amanda Burney
P2 press officer