Tuesday, 16 November 2010


As part of A.V.C. and as a follow up to my time spent in Peru, I am planning on curating my own exhibition. It will be held in the college and will showcase photos from my trip (and hopefully those of other volunteers).

I had spoken to Terry before leaving in the summer and was under the impression that I would have the canteen, however further correspondence reveals that the main exhibition space has been double booked (quel suprise, established artist is chosen over a student, shocking concept). So I'm going to have to work around that. Also inconvenient - two volunteers in the other Peru group are studying photography at uni and so spent, I assume, have some awesome photos. I've emailed them both, one hasn't replied and the other is less than enthusiastic about getting involved. So at the minute it looks like I'm relying solely on my own photography and that scares me a little, 'cause I'm not gunna lie to you, I'm no photographer.

But it's not all bad, because I figure that the whole point of the exhibition isn't centred on amazing photography; it's about giving people an insight. Do the photos really need to be glamorous? Surely the whole thing will have more impact if the message is 'look, I'm not a photographer, but you need to see this..'? I think it could work.

And I've spoken to Terry again, I'm working around the planned exhibition in the canteen by putting up two temporary screens. That provides me with 8 hangable sides, and I can always exhibit in the Viscom corridor simultaneously with signage directing people up from the canteen. (I have considered using the VC corridor as my primary space but it just doesn't get enough attention. How am I meant to raise awareness of development issues if nobody sees it?)

Bleurgh. Enough word vomit.

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