Friday, 12 November 2010

Global Xchange

A volunteering organisation that operates on an international exchange basis. A group of volunteers comprised of 18-25 year olds form the UK and a partnering developing country spend 3 months helping local communities in England and 3 months volunteering overseas.

They are currently accepting applications for Sept 2011 and this is something that I am definitely interested in applying for. From what I gather there is a lot of fundraising involved before the projects begin, which would fit in perfectly with my FMP. I'm already getting carried away with the idea, there's a video on the home page that almost made me cry because I can relate so well to what the volunteers are saying. I hate that I'm stuck here in a manufactured education system when all I really want to do is help communities that need it most. What I find particularly mind blowing about this program is that, despite the evident culture differences, people from third world countries are willing to volunteer their time to fly half way across the world to help a first world country. I can't really articulate how utterly incredible I think this is, I could post about it all day. I need to dabble in a bit more research to make sure I fully understand the aims of the project before submitting my application.

You can visit the website here.

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