Monday, 7 December 2009


Nice little bookbinding session with Roger down at Vernon St. I seemed to be the only one who knew what they wanted to learn.. As it stands I plan on compiling all the briefs I manage to do for this project in a small book. The focus of the book will be the layout and not the binding techniques - that way the book design itself becomes part of the collection of 'live' briefs. Lovely old job.

To keep the book simple I wanted to learn how to make a soft back book, with a cover made from thin card that I could easily screen print onto, instead of the hefty hardback books that we made for reportage last year.

It was actually really easy to make, just a bit tedious waiting for the glue to dry. Something I've definitely taken from yesturday is that I seem to work a lot quicker than a lot of people, best part of my day was spent waiting for others to catch up. If I need to have another bookbinding session in future I'll probably work in a much smaller group, or perhaps even on a one to one basis.

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