Thursday, 17 December 2009

Send and Receive Presentations

I've never really been afraid of presentations; I feel pretty comfortable speaking in front of people, and because we weren't required to create any visual elements for our presentations I was surprisingly unfazed by the whole idea. Worryingly calm, when I think about it - no preparation, I just explained what I was doing, what I've been reading and how the two are relevant to me as a visual communicator. In hindsight after I'd sat through people who had notes and Powerpoints I felt mildly concerned that mine was nothing like a presentation at all.. So it's either a really good thing that I can just rattle off a 5 minute speech from the top of my head, or a really bad thing that I put minimal effort into something that's contributing to our marks? Like I said, worryingly calm.

One thing I will say is that this was the first lot of presentations we've had to sit through where I've genuinely been interested in what every single person has had to say - not implying that the work has been bad on previous occasions, simply that the diversity of our send and receive projects was intriguing. Everyone was really passionate about the projects they're doing and each individual communicated their ideas with clarity and enthusiasm. We appear to have collectively pulled our fingers out.

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