Sunday, 6 December 2009

Don't Panic - Value Poster

Well. Paul should start charging people to be his friends, the man saved my life (in an overly dramatic graphic design related manner, of course). Had a nice little graphics 101 in his lovely - and by lovely I do mean terrifying - house. I'm now boasting a remedial amount of design wisdom that includes the circles and page breaks trend that I have appeared to hopped on the band wagon of. Here is my post-Price poster, pretty slicckkk!

It can also be found here on the Don't Panic website, but the voting hasn't started yet. Judging by the other entries I don't think I'll win it. I'm really pleased with my design but the caliber of posters uploaded at the minute is pretty grim to be honest and it looks as though it's any ounce of conceptualism is going to be lost on this audience - I'm up against a bulimic fly reference and a guy that drew a robot on paint? Have some respect for GOD'S SAKE PEOPLE! I think in this case it's been about dealing with the pressure of an exceptionally short deadline and getting to grips with graphics again more than anything else - although winning would be nice. But if I lose to an self-pitying fly lover then it's a stupid fucking competition anyway! Hahhhhhh =P

*Something inexplicable has happened to my layout????

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