Sunday, 25 October 2009

35mm SLR

A visit to my dad and his girlfriend's this weekend resulted in me returning with an old 35mm camera. A massive thank you to Annette for giving it to me! It's a PRAKTICA B100 with 3 lenses - one of which is a nice chunky super macro beasty! It had been sitting upstairs because they were told it wasn't working but on closer inspection it looks fine so I'm going to take it into college one day this week and get one of the guys to have a look at it and maybe give me a quick run through of how to use it properly. So hopefully this means I can start using the darkroom drop in from time to time.

I've been contemplating investing in a digital SLR for christmas but I'm unsure as to whether I'll use it often enough to justify it. This way I'll get to play around with photography in my own time without committing a small fortune to it!

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