Monday, 19 October 2009

Paper Making

I organised a little paper making session for a few of the guys in the print group today. It was really helpful. We have so many inductions into various workshops in first year but nothing ever actually materialises from them - only an extensive knowledge of inappropriate footwear.. I thought Comm-Tech would be an ideal opportunity to make use of some of the facilities that Viscom rarely see.

If I'm studying print, then surely the single most important question is what the hell am I printing onto? Of course a lot of importance lies with the content of the print, but it is a culmination of every aspect of the print that defines it's context. Paper type should be prioritised pretty highly I reckon. A glossy finish is indicative of professionalism, high end and clinical. A very light newsprint-esque sheet can be associated with printing in bulk; quick and cost effective. Whereas handcrafted paper offers a very personal touch - often romanticising and fragile.

Also to be taken into consideration is the relationship between print method and paper. Cartridge paper works perfectly well for most processes but how will the texture of the handmade paper affect the quality of an etching print, for example?

These are all things that I need to explore as part of this brief.

Another road to go down is the range of professional printing paper available; I need to research various paperhouses and request some samples!

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