Monday, 5 October 2009

Contrast between RGB and CMYK

Highlighting the loss of vibrancy mentioned in the previous post

I asked Mike about this and how it would transfer to images both screen printed and commercially printed. Basically, RGB photos are made up of red, green and blue lights (like on a TV) as opposed to CMYK's colour layering. Because RGB is composed of light it creates colours with a vibrancy that is impossible to replicate using simple ink layering.

The image above highlights the differences as seen on the computer screen. I tried printing out both variations and as RGB's vibrancy relies on light which cannot be transferred to print they both came out the same.

First Lesson for Commercial Print:

You will never achieve the vibrancy of an RGB photo through the medium of print, to avoid post-print disappointment ALWAYS convert to CMYK before doing anything else.

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