Sunday, 18 October 2009

Personal Tutorial

I find our personal tutorials really helpful. When I had mine with Nick on Wednesday my main issue was with PPD and work placements. I'm applying to do Camp America this year which, if successful, will obviously consume my whole summer - so when am I supposed to fit a placement in?

In my mind I was set on the fact that this meant a term time placement, which meant I have to start applying asap which in turn meant I should ideally already have started building a portfolio relevant to the sorts of things I want to do. BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO!! =/

I admit I was in a mild state of panic.

But Nick assured me that the fact that I know I want to apply for Camp America and that I have already started setting the wheels in motion is a really positive thing. There's no need for me to put pressure on myself to find an industry based placement if I'd only be doing it because I thought that I was being made to. Maybe my design related experience this year is just research - talk to people in the industry, look at job applications, find out what makes a good portfolio etc.

I will benefit more from gaining a deeper understanding of my place in the design world than a forced and rushed placement.

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