Thursday, 8 October 2009

Leeds Children's Circus

I spoke to Christian yesterday about the send and receive brief. I had a few ideas in mind but I really wasn't sure on how to approach organisations - I didn't know what to write in the email because I didn't fully understand what it was I was asking for.

From the council's database of voluntary organisations I had picked out After Adoption Leeds (a charity that deals with all the issues that come with adoption - teenage pregnancy, finding birth parents, counseling for adopted children etc) and Artlink West Yorkshire (an organisation that helps all kinds of community groups through the medium of art eg. people with disabilities, young mothers, eating disorders). There was also something I came across which sounded amazing but obviously way too much fun to be appropriate for this brief..... LEEDS CHILDREN'S CIRCUS!!

Christian assured me that I am more likely to get a deeper level of learning from something that excites me than I am from something I feel like I have to do - the man even offered to teach me how to juggle, legend.

LCC's website can be found here, it looks like quite a small group but nonetheless it looks genuinely amazing.

Safe to say I have emailed their contact address and I really hope they get back to me!

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