Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Artivism Exhibition

Yesturday was the final exhibition of our Artivism project - the grand finale! And despite it probably being the strangest collection of work I've ever seen, it went really well!

It was set up actually in the Industrial Museum, which in itself made the whole thing a bit surreal but the sheer variety of the characters and stories we had created was pretty astonishing. The space was quite small so I couldn't get a good enough photo of the whole thing, but above the scene of crafted figures there was a video projected on the sloping ceiling. Shari has put together a moving image piece using all of the information we have provided her about ourselves, our lives and our past. The collection as a whole has been titled 'Mingling Memories' and Shari's video combines the memories of each individual in the group to create one solitary distorted narrative. It really is lovely.

Probably the strangest project I've ever worked on, but ultimately worth it. From it I've gained confidence working in groups and a better understanding of the way artists and practitioners engage with a particular group of people. Not to mention the fact that the entirety of my hippo work has came off the back of this project - so I owe A LOT to Kevin, Shari and Jane!

Below is my contribution to the collection. I envisaged my character of the old man as a ticket collector on an old fashioned train, and so adorned his housing with discarded tickets and things collected on my travels. Shari has incorporated this idea into the video below through the repetitive use of train track imagery and sounds (although the audio on the clip below is of poor quality)

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