Monday, 10 May 2010

Hippo Brief - Artist Research

Fabric Lenny

The first of the commissioned artists I've looked at. His (I'm assuming it's a he?) website alone didn't give a great range of work - at first it looked as though it it was just prints. But tracking down his Flickr site gave a much better idea of the overall range.

As well as paintings and prints Fabric Lenny produces more unconventional pieces. Applying his recognisable character designs to reworked postcards. By far the most interesting application of his work in relation to my current hippo model project is his custom 3d figures. When commissioned, Fabric Lenny takes a particular painting, print or drawing, identifies the key patterns and colours and replicates them on a wooden character.

It is undeniable that Fabric Lenny has a signature style and no doubt it will be reflected in his piece for Armley town centre.

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