Monday, 24 May 2010

Hippo Brief - Research

Off Limits - 40 Artangel Projects

Artangel is a London based organisation that offers artists the chance to realise dreams of mind-boggling public art.

Each new project evolves from a singular commissioning process, born from an open-ended conversation with an artist offered the opportunity to imagine something extraordinary. Artangel’s work is powered by the belief that artists are capable of creating visionary works which impact upon the way we view our world, our times and ourselves in unusual and enduring ways.

The majority of work in this book, whilst being incredible, is way too aspirational for this project, I feel. Having said that they are all examples of how to alter perception of any given space, through the use of foreign and found objects and human interaction. It would be much easier to scale down an overly optimistic idea than to try and build up an idea with limited potential.

Stephan Balkenhol: Figure on a Buoy/Head of a Man

Absolutely love this piece. It tackles the issue of meaninglessness within art and the public's inability to cope with out justification and reason. Through placing a figure on a floating buoy in the Thames Balkenhol managed to cause unparalleled levels of controversy and confusion as police and rescue services received a two week long surge of emergency calls from concerned onlookers wanting to help the man. This is a perfect example of how a minimal change can turn the atmosphere of given environment completely on its head.

Rachel Whiteread: House

I've always been fascinated with this. I can't really explain it, I just think it's amazing. Removing things from the landscape and leaving ghost in its place. Lovely.

This was just a page I photographed because I liked the idea of using the geography of a place to engage the audience. Creating your own narrative of a particular area through a journey on a map.

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