Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Arts Jobs Mailing List

I've been signed up to receive the Arts Council's email since the beginning of the academic year and so far nothing of any real relevance has been brought to my attention. In this weeks mail I came across this call for 'Volunteer Gallery Assistants'.

This sort of thing would be ideal to have down on a CV. Even though it isn't directly relevant to my current practice I can relate it to my involvement in the curation of our 129 Exhibition and this sort of thing would look great on a CV - evidencing knowledge and understanding of the commercial side of the creative industry.

Reading over it initially was simply hypothetical, the position is located in 'North-East' and I don't have any time to commit indefinitely because of uni work and uncertain summer plans. But then I did a bit of research into Globe Gallery. It turns out that Globe is located in North Shields - funny coincidence that I happen to reside in South Shields - and this isn't the only volunteering opportunity available, they offer a range of voluntary programs ranging from a few hours to a few months, focusing on "contemporary art as a means to stimulate socially engaging, challenging responses from young people from all backgrounds".

This is definitely something I will be following up, it seems way to ideal that this should crop up on my doorstep out of absolutely nowhere!

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