Monday, 24 May 2010

Hippo Brief - Idea

Interactive 'hippo trail' through Armley.

Nothing hung on the walls, visitors each get a screen printed map of Armley with highlighted locations on it and hippo-related explanations for why the landscape is the way it is: eg. Viaduct bridge - used to be one solid wall, the arches you see are the result of a high-speed attack from giant hippos.
  • Interactive piece that provokes a response from the community - I can turn the negative aspects of Armley (such as the boarded up buildings etc.) into more light-hearted things
  • Changes the way people react to the space around them
  • Maps would be simple to produce yet have high impact
  • Problems - how do I encourage people to actually do it? Have the majority of locations close to Town St? People might discard them as rubbish or even flyers? Is the idea childish?

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