Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Prep for Final Crit

Final Solution (as complete as possible):

So far as part of this brief I have produced:
  • Postcard sets - book fair brief (I can bring an actual set to the crit)
  • D&AD response (evidenced through images on my blog)
  • Artivism contribution, resulting in final exhibition (evidenced through images on my blog)
  • Hippo molds for I Love West Leeds festival brief -still in progress but due to finish any day now (I have numerous hippo models to show in the crit, but as the molds have all been sent to Jane already they will be evidenced through my blog)
Still to produce:
  • Larger commissioned hippo piece for I Love West Leeds festival (deadline not until 28th June - long after Live Brief deadine so a final solution is just not feasible in that time)
  • Screen printed poster based on the Black Dogs 'How To' card brief (not actually a live brief, simply for personal gain as something to put in my portfolio)

"it should enable the crit group to respond to your project with no explanation from you"

Because my live brief has incorporated a number of projects, all of which are extremely varied, I'm struggling to write my rationale that effectively explains them all. Am I meant to have a rationale for each brief? I don't quite understand. Am I meant to write it as though this is what I'm planning to do - sort of like a statement of intent? Or is it meant to be a basic outline of what I have done?? It's beyond me. This is my attempt:

Throughout this module my aim is to further develop a variety of skills in order to gain a better understanding of my place as a practitioner. Initially I will work towards a submission for the Leeds International Book Fair with the intent of producing multiple sets of hand-embossed post cards based on the 3D wall piece I created as part of the previous brief. I will also complete my entry for the D&AD illustration competition, focusing on conceptual thinking. This will demonstrate my ability to apply myself in a more provocative manner by taking the theme of 'resistance' and using it to unpick the competition brief itself. Meanwhile I will be partaking in a community arts program, 'Artivism', at Armley Mills each Monday afternoon. This will culminate in a small exhibition. The project overall will aid me with my understanding of working within the community and also give me experience of intergenerational work and experience working alongside established local artists. As a result of communicating with Jane Earnshaw regarding the Artivism project, I have also been given a live brief within the I Love West Leeds festival, which she organises. The end result must be approx 200 model hippos to be sent into primary schools for children to decorate as part of the festival. This is clearly a massive task that will test not only my practical skills but my ability to organise, delegate and manage my time effectively.

This is genuinely the best I could come up with at this moment in time.

Summarising Image and Text:

Since I have such varied final pieces as part of this module it's difficult to decide which image to include as an overall representation. Do I go for the project that I have spent the most time on, the one that I have prioritised over the others? The hippo brief has been by far the most time consuming and required the most effort. Or do I go for the most successful? I sold all of the sets of postcards I submitted to the book fair. Or do I choose the brief that I feel best represents the way that I operate as a practitioner? Although the D&AD brief was unsuccessful (shock, I know) I felt most at home when I was challenging something and asking incomprehensible questions.

Even though I've spent a lot of time and effort on the hippos, and they have been my largest brief to date, I don't want them to define me as a practitioner. This is simply a brief set by an outside party that I have undertaken. It is not a representation of my thoughts and the way my brain works. For that reason I have chosen to be represented by my fully annotated competition brief. I was on the verge of choosing the image depicting my 3D box made from that very brief, but I feel that it loses a lot of it's impact when taken out of context and I don't want to seem like too much of a pretentious prick.

Now for 100 words "describing how your project fits into your future plans as a practitioner". Fantastic. We're digging up this touchy subject again. Thanks guys, I love remembering that I have no real direction and am currently headed towards an empty life compiled of a string of randomly selected briefs that require no real focused skill or drive. Love it.

So yeah, not knowing exactly what my future plans as a practitioner are I am finding it unquestionably difficult to find even one word to describe this.

The above image has been taken from my D&AD entry and depicts the original competition brief complete with my personal annotations. Within this I have raised questions, cemented definitions and picked apart any contradictions. This piece represents my natural instinct to question that which is placed in front of me. Although I do not have a specialist subject area I feel that there is a common thread of antagonism running throughout my work. As a practitioner I like to push boundaries and find a way round any given limitation and for me this project epitomises the theme of ‘resistance’.

I'm not a massive fan of that description but 100 words is particularly restricting.

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