Friday, 21 May 2010


It's only taken two years, but I've finally realised that by sticking a calendar in my sketchbook I can actually plan my time effectively. I know, genius. After completing said task it has came to my attention that I HAVE NO TIME. None at all.

I have two months before I go away and so much to try and fit in before hand. My main focus at the minute though is this hippo commission for Jane - the deadline for which is June 28th. Bearing in mind that I am going to a festival for a week, and also have a scheduled family visit (I figure I pretty much have to see the 'rents before galavanting off to the 3rd world..) and I've cut down a potential 5 week period to a measly 3 (with a couple of days excess to cater for any drastic problem solving which I will undoubtedly need). That's right. THREE weeks.

Considering that in this time I need to come up with AND execute an idea I'm pretty screwed. I've decided that I really can't get distracted by this poster/screen printing brief, even though I was quite excited to just do something for myself.. But knowing how to prioritise is important and since Jane is actually paying me for this hippo commission I think it's only fair that I focus all my efforts on that for the time being.

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