Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Camp America Placement

Received an email back from Cedar Lodge to say that they have opted for someone with more experience and age - which is fair enough. I had momentarily gotten my hopes up about Camp America again and had I been offered the place I would have jumped at the chance, but now that I'm back to square one I realise that the fact that I'm not more upset suggests that my heart probably wouldn't have been in it and I was secretly still pinning all my hopes on Platform2.

Speaking of which, I called up today to see if they could tell me roughly when I will find out.. The 3 week estimate that my interviewer gave was, ummm, optimistic to say the least. The woman on the phone said that they're still waiting to receive all of the interview reports, then they have to go through all 200 of them and shortlist people. At the very latest it will be mid-June. Gargh.

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