Monday, 10 May 2010

Hippo Brief - Artist Commission.

It looks as though I will definitely be in the UK at the time of the I Love West Leeds Festival this summer and consequently will be able to take up Jane's offer of the artist commission brief in Armley. I've emailed Jane about it and she is happy for me to be involved. This is part of her response:

Ive reconsidered the idea of spreading the artist commissions across
the whole west, i think they may get a bit isolated and lose impact so
i am going to concentrate the project into armley itself and try to
get local shop owners to feature them in their window displays, and
have them all over the library, which is on the main street too.
Siting your work on Town St too.

The fee for each of you is £500 flat inc everything. Send me an
invoice and i will sort payment out, if you need some of the fee up
front for materials then just let me know.

The deadline for finished work is week beginning mon 28 June.
My print deadline for the festival brochure is on 19th May, so if you
have a rough outline of what your work will be by then that would be
The festival press officer will also be working to get press coverage
so we might request a photocall with you and your work/work in
progress. If you are producing work for a specific site on town st
rather than something that could go anywhere then let me know asap in
order for me to sort the relevant permissions as experience tells me
this can take for ever.
So it doesn't actually seem as though there is a concrete, scripted brief; from what I gather I simply have to take the theme of 'hippos' and create a site specific piece for Town St in Armley - ideally relating to the discovery of the prehistoric hippo in 1851 in some way. Jane mentioned that one of the artists is doing a giant comic strip, I'm not sure what the others are doing but it seems as though I pretty much have free reign. 

I've been having a look at the other artists that are getting involved, to get an idea of the type of work they produce and the typical feel that their work has. In fear of overloading this post, research is to follow.

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