Monday, 24 May 2010

Hippo Brief - Research

Urban Interventions: Personal Projects In Public Spaces

Incredible book - definitely on my wish list! Just filled with genius idea after genius idea.

Manipulation of existing signage and imagery, creating a new spin on taken-for-granted visuals.

Personifying the marks left by humans in a given space - turning potentially detrimental objects into relatable characters.

Incorporating light - the sun's changing position throughout the day creates a unique experiene for every viewer.

Playing upon society's instinct to rebel - covering boarded up windows and doors with brick-like paper to entice graffiti, then peeling it of and using the sheets in a commercial art exhibition.

Chaining objects to their surroundings, taking things out of context.

Creating a new narrative for ordinary and mundane surroundings.

Braille Graffiti! Cartering for otherwise excluded members of society.

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