Monday, 24 May 2010

Hippo Brief - Idea

Through emailing Jane I have now learnt that these pieces are not going in the street as I had first assumed, but in shop fronts/windows. She is also trying to acquire 2 or 3 empty shops for more space - but that sort of crushes my original idea, which did in fact require pavement...

So back to the drawing board, and this is my next suggestion:

Since I was forced to discard the small screen printing project due to lack of time why don't I try and incorporate printing into this?
Manipulate images of the industrial landscape to include hippos.
  • A set of large CMYK screen prints to be hung on a wall/in a window, along with single colour printed postcards for visitors to take away
  • Providing something people can take away creates more interest - people ask questions, remember things better, get more involved.
  • Problems - potential to look cheap/unprofessional

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