Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Camp America Application Interview

I had problems getting my second reference from my supervisor at work as he conveniently tore a ligament and left my reference locked in his drawer - nice. So I was in a mild state of panic thinking I'd have to turn up to the interview with only one reference. Fortunately though, an hour before the interview I got a call from Ashley, my interviewer saying it's absolutely fine I can just post it to him later on. Good times.

The interview itself was really informal, it was in the guys house and at one point there was a nice intervention from his cat. The main purpose was for him to assess whether or not I'm a psycho, fingers crossed I passed that test.

On my application I've detailed my skills as primarily art based - silk screen, arts and crafts, digital photography etc. So best part of the meeting was just talking through those things and seeing what more could be said about them to improve my chances of being selected. I also filled in a form for a CRB check and was given a few hand outs to help me with the next stage.

I didn't understand this before but this is the process of a Camp America application:

  • Fill out an initial application form
  • This application form determines whether or not you get an interview
  • If your interview is successful you then have to complete an extended application with more emphasis on your personal statement and characteristics.
  • If you are accepted onto the program, your application, complete with uploaded references, photos, certificates and videos is then uploaded onto the Camp America database
  • Camps then pick their counselors from this database of thousands of applicants.
So as you can see, even if I get onto the program there is absolutely no guarantee that a camp will want me - AWESOME. I have 10 days from the interview to complete my extended application and I have to go into super-sell-myself-mode. Ashley said my best bet is to upload a video of me introducing myself. Sorry, I could have sworn you just said video? Oh right, yes, yes you did.

So at some point this week I have to go sign out a handy cam and tripod, sit in front of it, and beg for acceptance with exaggerated smiles and two thumbs up. Nothing scares me more.

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