Thursday, 12 November 2009

Wallpaper Samples

So my wallpaper samples finally came... like 2 weeks too late! It's OK though, even though I couldn't use them to print on it's the sort of thing that I like to hoard and I'll use them for some sneaky little craft somewhere down the line.

With regards to printing on them I don't know how successful it would be. Obviously the combinations of the repetitive patterns with traditional print methods would produce some exciting results but the paper itself is quite strange. The weight is some sort of sturdy yet thin cartridge paper/card/sugar paper hybrid, and it has so many layers of ink and lacquer on the surface that I doubt very much that it would be absorbent enough for half the techniques I tried - considering some of my lino prints STIlL aren't dry and they were done on cartridge paper!

I never did receive the samples of professional printing paper I ordered from various paper houses - I think because I'm not from an established business they probably won't take me seriously.

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