Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Leeds Children's Circus Visit #2

Tonight was my second visit to the children's circus and this time I was confident enough to get involved from the start.

Today was a bit of a special occasion as they had brought in a professional who was going to help co-ordinate the Christmas show. This evening was all about evaluating their strengths so that he could come back in a few weeks and try and piece together a short routine with both groups. We started off with a few games to warm up, then the under 10's rotated between plate spinning, flower sticks, scarves and pedal boards, whereas the over 10's practiced some hat tricks (much harder than they look).

I met more members of the team tonight as a few of them were unavailable last time. They're all really nice, I didn't feel out of place at all and I felt comfortable approaching them with any questions I had.

Because I've expressed an extended interest in the group I've been given a Volunteer Application Form to fill out to provide details of my references and a bit about why I want to volunteer my time. I've had so much practice lately with my Camp America Interview that this one should be a doddle!

As part of my Camp America application I needed to provide two photos of relevant activities - one of which I wanted to be from LCC. We haven't yet had our Data Protection and Confidentiality workshop with VAL yet but I already understand that I can't just get someone to take a picture of me getting involved with the activities without getting permission from the children's parents. So I opted for a photo with the staff - luckily they were wearing their LCC t-shirts! We threw some circus equipment in the mix and hopefully it will do the trick.

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