Sunday, 29 November 2009

Complete and Utter Mental Block...

For some unapparent reason I'm struggling so badly to generate any sort of solid idea for Visual Language; it's literally driving me insane.

I've tried brain storming it - nothing comes out. Look at my pathetic excuse of a spider diagram...

I know in the previous post I settled on the idea of a critical response to collecting, but I've scared myself away from that now, I have absolutely no idea where to start! I did consider selecting a few displays from the museum, taking photos then illustrating additional objects into the collections to see if I could change their overall context and meaning? Or, again taking photos of museum displays, but replacing all of the objects with a randomly selected group of illustrated objects, which take on a role of a collection when presented in such a curated format. I don't think I can really call that critical but it's seriously al I've got at the moment.

Although I said that I wasn't going to start with the idea of illustration as a visual language, in my mind I keep going back to it almost automatically and it's really annoying. I'm thinking about just starting a really simple illustration project to get myself going because at the minute all this thinking and no evidence of actual work is making me panic.

Something I considered was to just illustrate the contents of my handbag. Women carry them round everywhere they go and very rarely do they ever get emptied or organised. We keep things in there 'just in case' or 'because we can't leave the house without it' so in effect it's a curated collection of each individuals essentials; we all have our own method of classification, the size of the bag we carry dictates the number of collected objects and it becomes a sort of permanent exhibition that we cherish but which is never completely on display.

I doubt that idea will end up materialising into my final 'book' but at the minute I feel as though any work is better than no work.

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