Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Time Management

Such a useful exercise, it was a seriously dragged out workshop, but I'm not going to deny it was useful! Just seeing your days mapped out on a page is horrifying, half of the time I had massive wedges of the pie charts where I really couldn't remember what I'd done, it's worrying. I think, same as everyone really, that it was a definite reality check. Having a visual representation of the time you've wasted just makes you think "wow, I could have done this, this and this in that time and still had time to watch Diagnosis Murder..."

Since then I've spent 5 days at home so work hasn't been my main priority, but in the past few days I've began planning out my time more. I know with everything like this it's a fool proof plan for a few weeks and then you start to get lazy again, so every time I feel myself slipping into a routine procrastination I'll try the pie charts again - or at least thats the plan.

One thing I have committed to is a to do list. By carrying a notebook round with me permanently I have a constant reminder of what needs to be done. So far this has been extremely helpful, being able to cross something off the list is almost a sense of accomplishment - even if it is something as trivial as 'make contact lense appointment', if the little things are in order it's easier to keep the bigger things in order. Makes sense.

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