Wednesday, 11 November 2009


For fear of appearing inconsistent - BLOGGER WILL NOT LET ME ALLIGN THESE PARAGRAPHS CORRECTLY despite my persistent efforts!

Over reading week I spent a day in the print room trying out flocking and foiling as part of my experimentation. It was such a refreshing change to the monoprinting I'd been doing the day before, complete contrast. No mess. No manual labour. Quick and efficient.

Of all the print processes I've tried out I think these are the most useful to me as the practitioner I am at present. People know me as the book person. Valid point really, I have made a lot of books. For my major project last year I think I could have benefited so much from these skills, the flocking especially - it would have been a completely different outcome!

In terms of bookmaking though, simply flocking or foiling the buckram used for the covers can give an instantly professional looking piece. It's little details like this that stand out in shops and galleries etc - a professional looking product impresses clients, builds reputation and in turn generates more money, boom.

I've scanned them in but obviously the full effect cannot be achieved via screen - that's the beauty of these techniques: they add a personal touch that cannot be cloned on a computer!

Foil on blue card

Foil on top of mono print

Flock on handmade paper

Flock on top of foil

Flock of proposed cover title for my research journal

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