Monday, 16 November 2009

D&AD - Competition Brief

The first brief I've decided to tackle is the D&AD Illustration one:

Create an illustration that captures the theme of resistance.

They want it to be innovative, unobvious and to 'question the politics of existence'. All in all, it's pretentious and vague as hell. Safe to say I didn't know where to start.

I went and pestered some help out of Christian. His advice was to come up with the 3 most obvious approaches, and then the 3 most radical.

There are a million obvious ways to tackle resistance:
  • revolution
  • military
  • physics
  • inequality - race, gender etc.
  • non-conformity
And the list goes on. When faced with the question 'what is the most extreme way of approaching this?' the only thing I could think of was simple - resist the brief itself. Resist the avant-garde regime that we as young designers are being forced to recognise as the only right path. Resist the 'fact' that non-traditional holds more importance than traditional. Resist the brief.

Christian told me to look at this as more of a critical studies brief than an illustration brief and try and get my head round the concept of resistance fully. Only when I have a solid understanding will I be able to rip the brief apart and critically analyse every single aspect. Once I've figured out why the brief doesn't work, I'll be able to rewrite it and hopefully create a solution to a problem that genuinely exists.

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