Monday, 2 November 2009

Camp America

As far as work placements go, I've put the wheels in motion for Camp America next summer. I know we're typically supposed to do industry placements over the summer but to be perfectly honest I have absolutely where I'd fit into the industry right now. So instead of feeling pressured into a placement that I'm unsure about I thought I'd essentially skip the country and opt for living a little and that good ol' cliche 'finding myself'. Two thumbs up.

After my personal tutorial with Nick last month I decided to stop fannying around and SEND THE DAMN APPLICATION! So now I have an interview on Monday! I'm not really nervous, more excited, I can only really be myself so they'll either like me or they won't I suppose!

The only thing I still have to do is upload my references, one from Christian and one from my supervisor at work - who I have to keep pestering for it so I'm mildly concerned that I'll have to hold a gun to his head because I have no fall back if he happens to forget - and also upload two photos of me doing relevant activities....? I'm fairly sure I don't do any relevant activities. I've settled on a photo of me screen printing (seeing as I've got that down as one of my skills) and hopefully I can get a photo of me at the children's circus tomorrow. If not I'm screwed.

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