Monday, 16 November 2009

Send and Receive Workshop #3

This session left me slightly concerned. The main focus was around briefs and design related projects that stem from send and receive modules and ermmm well I'm working at the circus..

From my understanding, the whole point of send and receive is to get yourself working with a community group - not necessarily designing, but getting to grips with all of the concerns that come with group work so that you are aware of how to assess future situations. I'm more than happy with my choice of voluntary work at the children's circus, but now it just seems like everybody else has chosen design orientated placements and I feel as though I can't possibly compete with that.

I went to see Christian so that he could sort my life out, again.

He reassured me that send and receive can be anything you want it to be, and by no means should I feel as though I have to alter my experience to incorporate a design project if I don't think it's relevant.

This made me realise that for me, the main purpose of this module is to develop experience and a working relationship with children to help me with my chances of getting onto the Camp America program. Send and receive is not teaching me design based skills, but skills that are more inter-personal - how do you act around children? How do you maintain order? How do you present something to them? Body language/tone/vocabulary?

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