Monday, 23 November 2009

D&AD Brief - Further Research

As Christian suggested I am treating this D&AD brief more like a critical studies brief at present so I thought I'd sponge off the best theoretical resource we have - Richard Miles. He seemed quite enthusiastic about the whole thing and was more than willing to help so today I went and stole his knowledge, 'cause god knows he's got too much of it.

He gave me some really strong research points:
  • Conceptual art - mainly text based, looking at 70's conceptualism
  • Institutional critique - in depth analysis of things presented to us by society
  • Situationism - construction of environments to satisfy a particular need
  • Slogans and resistance writers - Marxist quotations
At the minute I'm gearing towards creating a controversial piece of anti-design for submission - probably including my annotated version of the brief within it. I can submit up to 4 boards so I definitely have room to fully develop my ideas.

Part of me is mildly concerned that yet again I'm getting all conceptual and not answering the brief with something straight forward that I can just stick into a portfolio but seeing as though this is becoming a regular occurrence perhaps my questioning nature is simply part of the type of designer that I am?

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