Sunday, 22 November 2009

Interview with 3rd Years

By no stretch of the imagination could you classify them as interviews.

I did find it really helpful though. I was 'interviewed' by Dom and Lisa and I felt totally at ease. I felt they were genuinely interested in what I was saying and the questions were relevant to me rather than scripted.

The most stressed point in my session was not to be afraid of approaching the 3rd years for help, which I found really comforting. I know whenever I've been in the studio I've been apprehensive about talking to the 3rd years but hopefully these sessions have lowered some barriers and we'll start to mingle more. Me and Paul have also just set up a facebook group for a Viscom Otley Run next month giving everyone a chance to socialise again, the freshers pub crawl seemed to go down well so hopefully this encourage even more interaction and a lot more of the 3rd years will get involved.

There were a lot of questions about my direction and what I see myself doing. Up till now I've been quite scared at my cluelessness regarding myself as a practitioner, but what I learnt in my interview is that it is not necessarily a bad thing. Just because I'm undecided doesn't mean I can't be good at the things that I do try and there's nothing wrong with having a less clearly defined area of work.

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