Monday, 23 November 2009

My Print Journal

I finally pulled my finger out and bound my book together. I'm actually pretty pleased with it in the end, as tired as I am of this brief it's still satisfying to see it all come together. The quality of the book binding isn't great, I'm capable of much better, but seeing as this is a resource book for my own reference I, personally, can overlook the ill-matched corners.

Because of the variety of paper/inks used I decided to separate each page with a sheet of tissue to prevent ink transfer. If I were to use this idea in the future I'd use a better quality tissue, probably some really decorative tissue with delicate thread-like fibers; but for the purpose of this book regular white tissue works fine. These dividing pages also provided me with a space to annotate the type of printing - the translucent paper means you link the caption to the image below, then lift it to see the print in its own right.

I know I have also said that I planned on scanning in the pages and practicing layouts on Quark, but now that I've started working on some competition briefs I'm a bit reluctant to go back on myself and do more work on this brief. As part of our Visual Language project we have timetabled InDesign workshops that will help me to develop my digital layout skills outside of this Comm Tech brief so I don't feel that any extra work on my prints is necessary.

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