Tuesday, 19 January 2010

129 Exhibition - Curation Meeting

Team Curation got the ball rolling today with a highly productive hour (more like two) of discussion. By the end of it we actually came out with some sort of image in our heads of how it's all going to work, albeit quite vague. It also really hit home just how much you have to take into consideration when curating an exhibition. Here are some of the issues we covered:
  • running with the 'salon style' but keeping the area of hung work at eye level so that each individual receives an equal amount of emphasis.
  • poster/flyer designs were shown and we discussed relevant places to post them and also apply signage
  • incorporation of the current 'welcome' vinyl into a possible illustration piece done by Tom
  • layout - most of the arranging of work will have to be done on the day when everyone has submitted their exhibition pieces.. that's gunna be fun..
  • structure - at the minute the plan is to shrink the smaller studio by building a temporary wall down the centre, we also need to confirm whether anyone requires a small dark room building for light art.
  • clarification of what is actually required from students: 1st years - book and postcard; 2nd years - postcard, one wall mounted piece OR 30 clip for showreel, and collections book project if finished (could be in the form of a book/wall piece/video etc); 3rd years - postcard and one wall mountable piece.
  • inclusion of postcards - try and exhibit all of the main pieces in the larger studio and keep the smaller one solely for postcards to be exhibited in an interesting way - hanging? continuous line?
  • what to do with spare furniture - possibly move into the graphics room opposite
  • labeling work - each students work will be labelled with their name only, guests will be handed a print out with students names in alphabetical order alongside their year, contact details and website. Highlighter pens placed throughout the exhibition for people to make notes about work they like.
  • interactive element - the map feature in the corridor, constant rotation of approx 10 greeters to explain the concept and guide them through the exhibition
  • content to be included on the idents for the showreel
  • presentation of work - students to hand in their work how they intend it to be presented, eg. frames, mounted etc.
I'm fairly positive there was so much more than this but I can't for the life of me remember it all, I'm sure it will come to me. Even though I know I'm willingly creating so much more work for myself I'm really glad I'm involved; it gives us a head start when it comes to our graduate exhibition and I do genuinely believe that I'm picking up some pretty useful skills.

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