Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I want to keep my obligatory pieces relevant to my collections project, but at the same time I want them to be able to hold their own. I've had the idea to run with the idea of the frames as a theme that ties the two aspects together. Because I'm going to be doing so much drawing for my main exhibition piece I'm a bit apprehensive to use it for the brief requirements. Through my D&AD resistance work I've become quite interested in creating images by manipulating the paper without actually making any marks, and I'm quite partial to a good old-fashioned 3D element so I'm toying with the idea of throwing that in there as well.

My idea is to take the shapes of the ornate frames from my collections work, just as simple solid block shapes (like the one above), use the laser cutter to produce loads of template like frames out of paper/card varying in size and shape, then use foam board to built them all up in different layers within the 50x70cm boundary.

I really don't think I've described that very well but I have such a clear picture of it in my head and my imagination has made it look pretty good. And I don't think many people will use the opportunity to produce something that comes out of the wall so it should, in theory, look quite interesting.

And as for the postcardddd.. I'm thinking along the same lines. I don't actually want to use physical mark making, I'd prefer to build up an image through textures. So I'm thinking of applying the same logic of frame layering, but in an embossed context. Take a study of a small overlapping area of the wall piece and depict it in varying degrees of embossing on a postcard. I know embossed postcards are far from practical but no one said they had to be conventional right?

Fashioned myself a little to do list, I did! Reads something like this:
  • draw a million vogue pictures (I'm never one to exaggerate)
  • finish D&AD - posters with antagonistic/contradictory theme
  • visit galleries - study exhibitions/how to organise a collection of images/finishing touches
  • get started on my laser cutting/embossing
  • continue development of my wonderland typography

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