Tuesday, 5 January 2010

D&AD - Development

This is a draft of one of the A3 pieces I'll be submitting as part of my entry - the writing needs to be in black pen and the highlighting in yellow - this was just to work out how the layout of all my criticisms is going to work. Turns out I ask a lot of questions, who knew..

I may have stumbled across quite a hurdle, disappointingly. I had an idea to use the Don't Panic logo but crossing out the word 'Panic' and hand writing 'wast your time on this' beside it (so that it reads 'don't waste your time on this' for those who were slow on the uptake there). But this little cretin may be out to ruin me:
2.5.3 - Entrants must not denigrate sponsors or sponsor branding, subject sponsor branding to derogatory treatment or otherwise bring the sponsor or its branding into disrepute.
For fuck's sake man. My current position still involves entering at risk of disqualification. RESISTANCE TO THE RULES FTW.

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