Sunday, 24 January 2010


Sticking with the same underlying idea as the wall piece, which is the creation of depth and imagery without actually resorting to mark making, I want my postcard to be produced through embossing - again incorporating the images of the frames.

As stated in my last post I don't know exactly what embossing entails and what I'd be able to do with it. I've been having a plan around with some layout ideas and I really hope that it's possible to achieve a variety of depths on one plate. From my understanding making an embossing is the same as making an etching plate, only you leave it in the acid for much longer? In which case I would imagine that different shades of black/grey will achieve different degrees of erosion and therefore varying depths.

Ifff this is right, then I'm aiming for the image below, if not then I'm going to have to settle for a single frame. Hopefully it will still look quite interesting but I'm pinning my hopes on the overlapping idea.

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