Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wall Pieces

Here are some images of my work from the exhibition. Over all I think the work looks pretty good, I'm particularly proud of my 3D frame piece, all the effort I put in definitely paid off. I can't decide how well I think it goes with the work hung beside it, I don't think it's been done any favours having been surrounded by graphic design but maybe that makes it stand out more? Like I said, I'm on the fence and it wasn't my wall to curate! I'm just being picky.

My Vogue illustration was complimented so nicely on a wall full of photography. It brought variety to the wall and helped break the work up in a manner that was easy on the eyes, and the fact that it was a pencil drawing did this in a very subtle way. I think I made the right choice with framing it as well. The expansive black mount board really draws the eye to the centre of the frame and the softness of the drawing.

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