Sunday, 10 January 2010

Vogue Drawing #2

Got my draw on again, I like this one so much better. Still needs a Rachel Weisz thumbnail thrown in the middle, and maybe the headline, but I like the idea of being selective about the content. It makes my pieces more personal by dissecting the layout, my illustrations document what appeals to me and therefore helps to determine my visual language a bit more.

I spoke to Christian about the work (or lack of) that I'd done over Christmas and it made me feel so much better about myself. My plan now is to simply keep doing what I'm doing: my drawings because I enjoy them, and my competition briefs because they challenge me. The comp briefs help me to gain a better awareness of myself and my abilities, whereas the drawings give my a chance to work towards an aspect of collections whilst showcasing something that I'm good at and passionate about. Win/win.

At first I was unsure as to whether there was any point in carrying on with my drawings; as much as I enjoyed them they seemed to lack any real purpose. But now I think about it collections gives us a perfect opportunity to incorporate self-initiated briefs and my drawings are definitely relevant to collections: not only is it a collection of drawings based on my collection of Vogue magazines, but it raises the question how have I decided which images to collect?

Then I had the issue of the 'book'.. Considering a book can be virtually anything I'm pretty sound on this one but it still needs justified.

At the minute I'm visualising a series of drawings of various sizes, in old-style ornate frames being displayed in a haphazard salon style layout on a wall. A drawing of a Vogue cover being the focal point in the centre (drawn to scale on a larger sheet of paper to emphasise the portrayal of this particular book as an object) and the rest of my drawing gravitating around it. Because all of my images will be grey scale I'm thinking of painting all of the frames black for impact - but this is assuming I can actually find a lot of ornate frames for cheap, cheap prices 'cause my bet is this is a pretty optimistic vision..

So if all goes to plan, my 'book' will be a collection of images contained within a restricted amount of wall space; the pages will each be framed and how I choose to position them on the wall will be a direct reflection of page layouts in an actual, physical book. My book is my space and how I organise it.

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