Sunday, 3 January 2010

Visual Language

Right, I seriously need to stop wallowing in my own self pity and man the fuck up. For the past week (more like two if I'm honest) I've been cowering away from work because I have so much to do and I'm constantly stuck and I don't think I'm doing well and everyone else's work is amazing and it goes on and on and on.. boo fucking hoo Gauntley, no one gives a shit.

No one's going to do this degree for me so the finger is out and I'm slapping myself round the face a bit.

Seriously like what have I actually done for this brief???
  • Started D&AD Illustration brief then put that on hold...
  • Dabbled in a bit of graphic design for the Don't Panic poster design
  • Screen printed my illustration for the Viscom Exhibition
  • Painted two canvases
  • Came up with a concept for the Alice in Wonderland Penguin Book Design competition but don't actually have the courage to start doing it incase it's shit.. (very nice Gauntley, the best competitions are won with verbal explanations of work that could have been..)
  • Started coming up with ideas for the Faversham Valentines design competition (which in fairness I can't really continue with until the woman emails me back with the details and logos - it's been over a week now, I think email number two is in order)
In summary, not a fucking lot. I have barely touched on the idea of my visual language because I can't even bring myself to finish one fucking brief. And as for the book element of this module, well that's open to suggestions at the minute because I don't fucking have any. Initially it was meant to be my work from this module compiled in a small design book but we have a few problems there as I HAVE NO WORK WORTHY OF A BOOK. And also Paul has jumped on this bandwagon and I refuse to compete with that boy, I'm not suicidal.

So this begs the question, what the hell am I going to do? This is what I've got so far, it's only short term but this is my current plan of attack:
  • Finish the briefs that I've started (D&AD and Penguin Book Awards)
  • Try and get the 35mm SLR that I was given fixed and do a short photography brief - I mean super short - I need to find out when dark room drop in is open
  • Do more drawing, not necessarily illustration, I miss drawing and this may give me some sort of inspiration

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