Sunday, 24 January 2010

Box Cover

My collection of Vogue illustrations are now going to be presented in a book box so I've been thinking about the cover and the effect I want it to have. I've decided to call my book 'My Vogue' because that is essentially what it is - a collection of drawings of pages taken from my collection of Vogue, and the images I've drawn are a representation of the things that I, personally, see.

I started constructing the box this week but I could only go so far without having the materials to cover it; they only have buckram and I quite fancy leather. There's drop in tomorrow so hopefully I can crack on with it tomorrow.

I want to emboss the cover because I obviously need to include a title and my name but I'm not keen on sleeves and I don't really think you can print onto leather.. I'm having difficulty designing the cover because I don't know exactly how embossing works - will the content in black be indented? Will it be put through the press with the plate on the top or the bottom?

I've made two designs to cove both bases - the first is imagining that the black will be embedded inwards, and the second is if the black is raised from the page.

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