Saturday, 23 January 2010

Wall Piece Development

I managed to fix all my Illustrator files today. One thing off the list. I'm pretty sure that I went such a long way around it but I'm finally starting to get to grips with Illustrator, thank god. I realise now though that to save myself an unimaginable amount of time I should have avoided live trace altogether and manually traced the lines with anchor points. Wow hindsight is a mother fucker.

I want to be a lot more prepared when I turn up for the cutting session on Monday so I need to have the files sized correctly to save time. My predicament now though, is that I've made the illustrations quicker to cut out, but because I'm having less they will consequently need to be bigger which will essentially take more time. I need to get a balance of size/time.

I've been toying around with rough sizes on Photoshop to help get a better idea of the final visual:

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