Saturday, 23 January 2010

Deep/Shallow Learning

I've done this whole module so backwards. I'm really happy that I'm doing loads of work that I'm actually enjoying and excited about but everything is so messed uppp! I've realised so many things that would have been immensely useful to have understood at the beginning.

Spent way too much time pissing my efforts away on random pointless pieces of work. Then realised that I wanted to do the fashion illustrations.

I've been manically trying to get all of this work done and now that I know what I'm actually doing I'm looking at it and thinking 'man if I had just decided on this at the beginning instead of pissing away my time on random briefs then I could potentially make some fucking amazing work'. It sucks so bad. What's pissing me off the most is the fact that the wall piece/postcard were just an idea decided upon on a whim purely because I had to have something I wasn't considering my visual language much - there was no purpose behind them, no reason, just something I could rustle up that wouldn't distract too much time away from the drawings since they're so time consuming. But now that I've started it, the idea of going back and having to spend time on the 'book' element is so unappealing.

Due to the fact that I wasn't majorly concerned about the wall piece/post card element I didn't really put much thought into it in the beginning which is really bugging me now. I should have done all of this research into frames and made that my collections submission and not my drawings. I'm still happy with the work that I'm doing/done but seriously hindsight is a mother fucker.

The frame idea would have been perfect for collections for so many reasons. Undeniable ties to museums, galleries and curation. They are used as a fundamental tool to present collections of objects. They have an history just as intricate as the art they hold. They themselves are often of more interest than the art within a collection and, whether actively or not, each museum/gallery hold their own collection of frames. There are countless angles I could have taken.

I suppose this still all counts because I've it's still within my collections brief, just not in my book, but the wall piece and the postcard are only meant to take up 25% of our time and it would have been nice to realise the potential in this idea sooner and be able to develop it further.

I briefly mentioned before that this originally had no consideration of my visual language at all. However because the idea was so simple - 'frames' - I've been subconsciously developing this in a way that's reflective of who I am and how I work. I've tied in my ideas from the D&AD development involving no mark making and it arose from an element of my collections book work. So even though I thought it was irrelevant, it's actually an example of my visual language starting to come through without having to force or over think it. This is the sort of work that I enjoy and this module has helped me realise that.

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